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The Future of Farm Sustainability is Here

Anuland® FieldSense System

Measure your grass automatically by using cameras, sensors and AI.

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Anuland Monitoring Station (AMS)

Always On, Always Monitoring

Anuland FieldSense observes your grass above and below ground with the latest sensor technology to give you accurate grass growth insights in real time.

Anuland Insights Platform (AIP)

Thinking in the Cloud, Insights from the Ground

Anuland’s AI technology interprets your data with other trusted figures to generate farm management recommendations that you can trust.

Anuland FieldSense App

Control, Confidence, Compliance

The Anuland FieldSense App advises on optimized fertiliser spreading and better paddock rotation, helping you achieve a dynamic balance between forecast yield and feed demand.

“The Anuland® FieldSense System helps me manage grass growth and optimise fertiliser costs at the touch of a button.”

Dermot O’Connor – Anuland Farmer

Anuland® FieldSense™ Pricing

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FieldSense system

Our service is based on a monthly subscription and once off installation fee.


Anuland Monitoring Station (AMS)


Anuland Insights Platform (AIP)


Anuland FieldSense App

Launch Offer – 3 months free

Order now* and receive 3 months subscription for FREE – worth €175 per month!

Subscription starts January 2020 – launch offer means FREE until April 2020.

36 month minimum term. All prices inclusive of VAT at 23%. * All orders require upfront one-off installation cost of €495.

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Anuland Assurance

Direct from Anuland


Farmers first, we stand over our products and service

Monthly lease pricing


Farmer-focused to suit your cashflow


Farm survey determines how many units you need

Safe and Secure Data


Your farm’s data is yours, no-one else’s

Satisfaction Assured


Product hardware and software upgrade for free for existing services


After the first 12 months, we will remove the unit if you’re dissatisfied

Built to last


Guarantee for the life of the term


AMS designed to last, a fixture for your farm

About Anuland

Helping you deliver the most from your land

Anuland is an Irish agricultural technology business based in Co. Limerick, focused on empowering farmers to adapt to changes in agriculture through technology. Anuland aims to enable farmers realise environmental, social and economic sustainability through the application of its new technologies and practices.

We are sustainability innovators

Our purpose is to empower farmer sustainability – economically, socially and environmentally. We are developing AgTech solutions that help users gain more precision and control on their farming practices.

Helping you deliver the most from your land

Anuland was born out of our experience as green energy providers and advanced farm management practitioners. Our quest for precision and sustainability drives us. Working with world leading science and technology partners, we are developing AgTech solutions for sustainable practices to enable farmers and growers to make the right decisions for their business – for today’s return and tomorrow’s legacy. This is the difference. We are about providing access to and the application of technology for real world growers and farmers.

As farmers, we understand the business, life and challenges of farming. As technologists, we understand how technology can help you achieve full optimisation of your limited resources – whether it’s your land, feed, fertiliser, labour or time.

What we stand for:

  • Empowering sustainability now
  • Efficiency – optimising costs and inputs, optimising planning and outputs
  • Effectiveness – technology applied, working for you
  • Learning continuously – our technology solutions will learn and always get better, so our farmers and users can too
  • Beyond (just) compliance – we believe compliance is about doing the right things the right way – Anuland looks beyond today’s standards to be an enabler of environmental and economic sustainability

Recent News

Anuland at the 2019 National Dairy Show

Don't miss us at the National Dairy Show in Milstreet, Co. Cork today where you can find out all about our revolutiuonary FieldSense product which we launched last month. Rugby fans won't miss out either, you'll be able to...

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Anuland FieldSense launches at 2019 Ploughing Championships

Anuland FieldSense launches at 2019 Ploughing Championships

After 2 years of intensive research and development Anuland FieldSense officially launched this week at the 2019 National Ploughing Championships. The landmark event on the Irish agricultural calendar was the perfect opportunity to showcase FieldSense's unique ability...

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Who is Anuland?

Anuland is an Irish AgTech business based in Co. Limerick that provide farmer-centric technology solutions. We are focused on empowering farmers adapt to changes in agriculture through applying technology. We’re sustainability innovators – we leverage our expertise in the application of technology to help farming life be more economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

What is Anuland FieldSense?

Grass measurement and fertiliser management is critical but takes time. Anuland FieldSense provides daily growth rates, estimates and tracks fertiliser usage, so you don’t have to walk the farm to do this. The information to make better decisions is now available at your fingertips 365 days a year – helping save time and labour, reduce costs and increase fertiliser effectiveness.

How does it work?

The Anuland FieldSense system automatically measures your grass growth by using AI, IOT, sensor data and other technologies to give actionable insights via your mobile phone to improve farm and grass management. But what does that really mean?!

The Anuland Monitoring Station (AMS) unit is placed at the headland of one of your paddocks behind an electric fence to avoid damage. It collects soil and environmental metrics, records grass management, monitors grass growth (through a machine vision grade camera), then transmits this data to the Anuland Insights Platfrom (AIP) in the cloud. The beauty of the AMS is that it can sense what you can’t tell from sight alone (for example, whether you need to fertilise or not!) and it’s self-sufficient – it’s solar-powered and transmits data through mobile network.

The AIP (Anuland Insights Platform) generates recommendations from your farm data. This includes data from the AMS and various information it’s fed from the FieldSense App on your phone. For example, our Volume Capture feature – that’s right, you can point your camera at your field and the FieldSense App will give you an immediate grass volume estimate!

The information and recommendations are available at your fingertips through the FieldSense App – regardless of where you are! This means you get insights into the grass wedge and farm cover, information for better farm and grass management, and less time walking the farm so less reliance on help.

How does your launch offer work?

Order now, receive 3 months subscription for FREE – worth €175 per month! The subscription service starts in Jan 2020 – regardless of whether your installation happens in October, November or December – so that launch offer means it’s FREE until April 2020.

All orders require an upfront one-off installation cost of €495.

Full Terms and Conditions are available here.

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